Positive Change Project

In communities everywhere, women of courage and determination are working hard to better their lives in the face of seemingly overwhelming difficulties. We’re inspired by these resilient women and created the Aura Cacia Positive Change Project to support them. Together, we’re helping women transform their lives.

Aura Cacia provides meaningful financial support to organizations committed to helping women and girls facing difficult life situations make transformational improvements in their lives. Founded in 2016, the Positive Change Project works to equip women and girls with the resources necessary to further their commitment to live more purposeful lives.

Programs supported through the Positive Change Project, are those that help women and girls through one or more of the following measures: enable disadvantaged women and girls become more stable and self-sufficient, employ strategies to help them live healthfully and purposefully, reinforce positive self-image, self-respect and self-confidence in women and girls, or creates opportunities for women to drive curriculum or programming that can be applied to program development and mentoring other women.

A portion of every sale of an Aura Cacia product goes back into the program, so you know that when you purchase from Aura Cacia, you are giving back to those in need. Since beginning the program in 2016, the Positive Change Project has given back more than $1 million. To learn more about the program, or to see if your organization qualifies, please read our Positive Change Project guidelines.


How to Apply

Applications will be accepted online through our grant application page July 17 – August 31, 2023.

Please be sure to check out the grant guidelines for this year! The Aura Cacia Positive Change Project has made some adjustments to our granting programs, including moving to a two-year funding cycle. Applicants will be expected to propose work and impact estimates for a two-year period. Funding in Year 2 will be contingent upon the receipt of a mid-term evaluation in January 2025.

The Bigger Picture

Aura Cacia's Positive Change Project is part of Frontier Co-op's extensive charitable giving. Click here to learn more.